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Past Seattle Events

Networking & Recognition of Social Enterprises in our Community

November 12th,  5:30 – 8:30 pm
WeWork, Holyoke Building

Speakers: (Click on name for more speaker info)

Cindy Todd: Snohomish Soap Company, Founder & CEO

Veena Prasad: Project Feast, Founder & Executive Director

Stephanie Welty: Pioneer Human Services Chief Financial Officer

Kelly Maloney: Orion Industries, Former Marketing Director
Aerospace Futures Alliance, Current President & Executive Director

Featured speakers are leaders (Founder, C-level, ED) of a social enterprise  defined as an organization who exists to serve an unmet social need,
and earns revenue to support the business’s viability.


Women Leading Social Enterprises:  Talk and Roundtables

WeWork, South Lake Union
December 2, 2014

Check out our Amazing Speakers!

Beth Kolko, Founder ShiftLabs
Shift Labs beautifully designed technologies that improve the lives of people round the globe

Joan Duffell, CEO Committee for Children
A ​nonprofit working globally to promote children’s social and ​academi​c success.

     Stacy Flynn, Founder Evrnu
Evrnu makes cotton a recyclable resource, avoiding the hundreds of billions of dollars of waste sent annually to the landfill.

Megan Karch, CEO FareStart
Since 1992​ ​. FareStart is a culinary job training and placement program for homeless and disadvantaged individuals.

Rachel Maxwell, Founder, Community Sourced Capital
The company created a crowdfunding platform for making zero interest loans for local, community-based businesses.

Getting the Frame Right – What Comes Next For Women Leading Sustainability?
with KoAnn Vikoren Skrzyniarz, CEO/Founder of Sustainable Brands

March 6, 2014
Adobe Systems Inc.

KoAnn Vikoren Skrzyniarz

Our Women and Sustainability event was attended by over 60 men and women. KoAnn Vikoren Skryniarz, lead a lively and engaging discussion to explore what we can do to help shift our systems toward those that support a healthy and flourishing future.  There is fear that this frame may cause us all — men and women — to miss at least one bigger point: that the notion of “success” as we currently think of it may in fact be outmoded, and that what we really need to be doing here is changing the game.

Here’s KoAnn’s blog post, Getting the Frame Right, to learn more about this topic.


WNSF & Net Impact Holiday Party

December 12, 2013

Annual Holiday Party was a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the holiday season with sustainability friends and making new friends. Because the event was at Glassbaby, we were able to get a first hand look at the artisan glassblowers hard at work and purchase gifts for family and friends while donating to a good cause .

Finding the Balance: Restorative
Development & Regenerative Design

November 12, 2013
Bullitt Center


WNSF & Net Impact Present:
Leading from Strengths – Creating a Positive Workplace Culture

 May 15. 2013 
FLOR Showroom, downtown Seattle

This panel event featured Dave Carroll, VP of Umpqua Bank and Kippen Westphal, Director of Transportation for Interface who shared details about their personal leadership journeys and how a focus on their strengths, what they do best, helped them to create engagement, personal achievement, consumer connections and a sense of community.

Both leaders have proven that in two industries (banking and airplane carpet production) in which sustainability and community are generally not associated, that their organizations’ values and missions have created innovative and socially responsible opportunities for them and others to thrive, built upon a positive workplace culture.



WNSF, Businesses Ending Slavery and Trafficking (BEST), and Bainbridge Graduate Institute (BGI) Present:

Chocolate & Champagne

Thursday, February 14, 2013


WNSF & Net Impact Holiday Party

 Thursday, December 3, 2012

Seattle Net Impact and Women’s Network for a Sustainable Future celebrated the holiday season with Seattle’s sustainability thought leaders, while learning about glassybaby’s inspiring business model and getting a first hand look at artisan glassblowers hard at work.


WNSF-Seattle: Visioning & Speed Networking Event

 Thursday, November 1st, 2012 

We had a loud and lively round of speed networking to start our evening.  Six co-conveners spoke about the history and original intent of WNSF to gather like-minded, sustainability-impassioned women and collaborate on the solutions for our business practices and live. And why they continue to be part of the organization. The group then divided into table groups to brainstorm on the evolution of WNSF Seattle chapter,  future event ideas and how they can contribute to growing the community.  The event surpassed expectations, we have a long list of potential event topics and many volunteers who have stepped up to offer their skills to our cause.

WNSF is a volunteer-based and built organization.  Without everyone’s contribution or help, events like Greener Skies for the Aviation Industry at The Museum of Flight, Three Degrees, Imagining a Warmer World at UW and The Intersection of Sustainability and Spirituality at the Seattle Times Auditorium may not be able to continue. . .  If each person does a small part, we can grow WNSF and keep it thriving and connecting women whose passion is sustainability.   If you are on this email list, you likely already know what an incredible group of women WNSF can bring together – so join us in visioning its Seattle future!


Coal Trains or Clean Development:
Presented with Climate Solutions

May 31, 2012

Coal is the dirtiest fossil fuel, by far.  New regulations and cleaner, cheaper energy alternatives have led to a dramatic drop in coal fired energy in the United States.  But, the coal companies and their allies have other plans. They want to take the coal that is no longer needed here and send it on trains to six new Northwest ports to load on ships to be burned in Asia.

Our panelists were:

Ginny WolffSkagit County, WA – Dr. Wolff is a retired family physician, Skagit resident, and working with over 185 “Whatcom Docs” to educate citizens about the adverse health impacts of potential coal export projects.

Rev. Patton, Longview, WA–The Rev. Kathleen Patton is Rector of St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church in Longview, WA, where she resides.  Mother Patton graduated from the Church Divinity School of the Pacific in 1990, and has served as priest in the Episcopal Dioceses of California, Northern California, and Olympia.

To learn the latest information on the coal terminals, check out:  and

Washington Engage, End Human Trafficking Now,
& WNSF Present the Launch of the BEST Initiative
~ A Social Sustainability Issue ~

March 27, 2012

A successful launch event for BEST, (Business Ending Slavery and Trafficking Now) Alliance that empower local businesses to take leadership to prevent the crime of human trafficking. The event was hosted at Tom Douglas Palace Ballroom with the welcoming address by Rob McKenna, Washington Attorney General. The main speaker was David Arkless, from Manpower Group, President of Corporate and Government Affairs who worked with international business and government leaders to start a business-facing initiatives called End Human Trafficking Now, which provides tools for multinational corporations to prevent trafficking. David and Dr. Mar Smith, a local researcher and Business Responsibility Consultant, forged a partnership between Washington Engage and End Human Trafficking Now to produce the first anti-trafficking business tool for small to medium size businesses: Washington BEST Code of Conduct.

Claire Bronson graciously shared her visual notes from the event that impressively capture the speeches. Click to enlarge.

WNSF’s 1st Ever Round Table Event with Table Topic Leads

February 16, 2012

The event was an amazing success,  35 participants joined the discussions lead by  5 table topic experts. There were 3 rounds, 25 minutes long and it was difficult to move people onto a new table. Claire Bronson generously drew visual notes of the evenings disussions. Click on image on left to enlarge and learn more about the table topics.

Topics discussed were:

Biomimicry– Led by Bernadette Havok is a Seattle-based Industrial Designer. Her interest for sustainable design solutions led her to Teague, where she explores sustainable thinking strategies within future aircraft interior designs. She also loves organic farming and developing an organic vineyard in the Skagit Valley.

Hard and Soft Skills for Sustainability Professionals- Led by Christy Nordstrom is the Professional Development Program Manager at International Society of Sustainability Professionals (ISSP) inspires co-creative sustainable solution sand facilitates the transformation of innovation into action and develops ISSP’s online elearning events.

Social Media and Sustainablity– Led by Andrea Learned (herself a well-known Tweeter/Google+-er in the CSR/Sustainability space), to see how social media can enhance your brand or organization’s sustainability storytelling.

Building Performance- Led by Gayle Hoffman – Building Performance Expeditor for MacDonald-Miller Facility Solutions will lead the conversation. Gayle is a resource and energy conservation project manager / coordinator specializing in outreach and education, renewable energy and energy management training and implementation.

Structuring Sustainability In your company-  Co-Led by Ruth Lee is a Senior Business Consultant at Sustainable Business Consulting. Ruth has worked with over two dozen organizations to help them manage climate issues.
And Emily Knudsen’s is a Consultant at Sustainable Business Consulting with a focus on communicating sustainability performance. She uses data points and stories to launch organizations’ efforts.

Innovation for a Cleaner Tomorrow

January 26, 2012

Expecting 60 people for this event, we ended up hosting a lively and engaged crowd of 100+.

Mary Armstrong, Boeing Vice President of Environment, Health and Safety, and a few of her co-workers shared the latest news on innovations that are transforming the aerospace industry and decreasing our environmental impact, including the elimination of Chromium, the use of biofuels and key interior design innovations.

The information shared and conversations that occurred during this January evening felt ‘bigger’ than even our usual incredible gatherings.  Perhaps that was because designing airplanes to be more fuel efficient, quieter and recyclable truly impacts sustainability on a movement scale. It was exciting to get the inside scoop on how one of our area’s key employers is leading worldwide industry efforts to enable zero carbon growth for air travel.

Greener Skies for the Aviation Industry

October 13, 2011

The Port of Seattle and Alaska Airlines are making award-winning efforts to reduce their environmental footprints; their unique partnerships contribute to the sustainability of an entire industry. A critical component of the global economy, aviation contributes an annual $1.2 trillion dollars and more than 11 million jobs to the U.S. economy. Elizabeth Leavitt, Director of Aviation Planning and Environmental for the Port of Seattle and Jacqueline Drumheller, Manager of Environmental Affairs for Alaska Airlines discuss the many challenges and opportunities in limiting the environmental impact of domestic aviation from reduction and recycling of food and beverage waste, to programs to enhance aircraft fuel efficiency.

Port of Seattle Environmental Home
Alaska Airlines Social Responsibility and Environmental Commitment 

The Intersection of Sustainability and Spirituality

September 15, 2011

What is at the core of your personal engagement with, and passion for, sustainability in your life and business practices? Though it may be hard to name or identify your unique source of inspiration, it often comes from universally held human values we don’t commonly explore. This luncheon gathers a broad range of expert perspectives from diverse faith backgrounds to discuss this powerful intersection of sustainability and spirituality. Our panel will touch on sustainability-forwarding steps such as: advocacy for social and environmental justice; local actions; whole life awareness; and collaboration/partnerships.

Panel members:
Janice Tufte– Muslim community catalyst and advocate.

Rev. Carol Jensen– Pastor, St. John United Lutheran.
Jim Hoggan– Chair of the David Suzuki Foundation.
LeeAnne Beres– Executive Director, Earth Ministry.
Tanya Barnett– Associate Director, United Methodist Foundation of the Northwest.

 Attention: Pathway to Change

July 29, 2011

Lisa Capa leads a mini-workshop for women to learn about the transformative power of your attention. Businesswomen need to be able to focus their attention in broad, flexible and fluid ways in order to successfully navigate change in a complex business environment. Paying attention can be easily disrupted or trapped, which limits our ability to effectively create change.  These attention traps create a narrow filter through which we experience the world and keep us stuck in repeating patterns that fail to move us and/or our business initiatives forward. Capa outlines what exactly attention is, what disrupts a fluid and flexible attention, and what are some ways to cultivate a more fluid and flexible attention.

 Three Degrees: Imaging a Warmer World

June 16, 2011

Jeni Barcelos and Jen Marlow present their slideshow, created in partnership with Al Gore’s The Climate Project, “Three Degrees: Imagining a Warmer World.” The slideshow walks the audience through a three-degree-warmer world, inviting you to see, hear, and feel the human impacts of climate change worldwide from the Arctic to Cambodia to Ethiopia. Confront the heart of the climate crisis and explore recent developments in science, law, and policy that impact and promote climate justice worldwide. Barcelos and Marlow co-founded The Three Degrees Project, a multidisciplinary project on climate justice. Currently, they work for the University of Washington, serving as the project’s co-directors.

 Celebrating 20 Years of Progress to Protect Puget Sound: Kathy Fletcher Shares an Activist’s View

Co-Presented with Washington Women’s Foundation (WWF)

May 5, 2011

Both WNSF and WWF are dedicated to empowering women as leaders by creating opportunities for connection, collaboration, education and community impact – sharing a deep commitment to sustainability and environmental protection. Kathy Fletcher epitomizes the core values of our organizations, and offers an insider’s view of how environmental progress is achieved. Fletcher, retiring Executive Director of People For Puget Sound, looks back on 20 lively and inspiring years of successful engagement to protect the Sound and shares her vision for the future.


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